Since 2012, Upton Hill has been helping the healthcare field innovate past their strategic, technological, and operational challenges. From governmental policy to responsive experience architecture, we inspire organizations to design solutions that reconfigure the healthcare marketplace.

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What We Do...

Business Optimization

Employing proven, strategic business architecture and process optimization principles, we optimize – not just manage or improve – every side of your business.

Healthcare Data Analytics

By analyzing trends in big data streams, our team helps you support the right people with the right conditions to improve health outcomes and save money.

Integrated Health

Whether transitioning to a value-based model,
implementing a behavioral health strategy, or optimizing care solutions, we design experiences and help navigate government
regulation for improved alignment.

...How We Do It

Program-Based Consulting

We help providers, payors, and wellness
organizations across the industry negotiate
complex features of their operations and project setup, including product development and business architecture.

Agile and Iterative

Our team deploys a flexible, product-focused,
stakeholder MVP model to iterate quickly from
problem to prototype to redesign, with each step informed by field testing with real users.

User-Centered Design

From care management programs to modern
mobile apps to member services, we
build next generation technologies and
transformative healthcare experiences that
put the user first.

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Who We Serve




Med Device

Government Programs

Population Health

Leadership Team

CEO and Delivery Leader. Develops great teams through empowerment and support. Excited to improve our health care system. Hiker, runner, skier, wilderness supporter. Husband and Dad to two teenagers.


John Murphey


Executer Extraordinaire. Has a knack for turning healthcare vision and innovation into reality. Servant-leader. Genuine. Sports lover. Landscape buff. Proud Husband and Dad of 2.


Drew Vaughn


20+ years in Health Care. Senior Consultant. Dedicated Program Manager. Connector. Removes weights from the shoulders of others. Product and Process innovator. MBA. World’s Okayest Mom.


Gina McCarthy

Managing Director

Cross-functional builder of things. Dad to three, husband to one. Serial learner. Live music Lover. Enthusiastic cook. Secure in my contradictions: rap and country; canoes and conference rooms.


Randy Madson


Human Resources and Recruiting Leader. Innovative Networker. Calming Conversationalist. BS in Human Resource Management. Sports Enthusiast. Husband and Father to three.


Ryan Ortega

Director of HR & Talent

Operations Manager and Administrative superstar. Extreme multitasker and animal lover. BA in Business and Communications. Wife and proud mom of 1 dog and 2 cats.


Amy Gniffke

Operations Manager

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