Spotlight of the Quarter: Philanthropy at Upton Hill

Upton Hill Quarterly Spotlight!

In 2018, Upton Hill has developed a two-pronged philanthropy program.  We are excited to have the ability to formalize our methods to give back while emphasizing our core values.  Read more about our approach here: Upton Hill’s Philanthropy Program.

Our Principal, Randy Madson, has guided the development and set up of our philanthropic efforts.  We asked Randy to elaborate a bit more about his motivation and perspective in this space.

Q:  Why is Philanthropy important to Upton Hill?

A:   It all starts with gratitude.  We feel very fortunate that we’re able to do meaningful work with people that we enjoy, that we learn new things and meet new people every day, and that we’re in this position because family, friends, mentors and leaders who’ve invested their time and energy in us.  Also, our philanthropy work keeps us sharp – we often have the ability to build expertise by volunteering that we then can apply with our clients

Q:  What makes you (Randy) personally interested in driving these programs?

A:   Too many to mention – I love finding out what makes people passionate.  I love the sense of community that comes from people working on a common problem.  I love paying forward the investments that others have made in me.  I love setting high expectations for myself and others, and challenging complacency.

Q:   How can a consultant make a difference in the community?

A:   Our consultants are used to getting a deep understanding of an issue, determining a path forward, then driving to a positive outcome.  Every organization needs these same things.  We also take seriously our job of leaving organizations better than when we found them, so working to develop smart, sustainable solutions that will continue to work after we leave comes naturally.

Q:   What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?

A:   In warmer weather, I’m outside a lot.  I camp, canoe, fish and hike.  When it gets cold, I cook a lot and read.  Year around, I go to as many live music shows as I can.  If you want to waste an hour, ask me to explain why rap and outlaw country are my favorites and how they’re more alike than different.

Q:   What’s one fun fact that many don’t realize when it comes to helping others?

A:   You may not always be excited to go, but you’re always glad you did.

Thank you, Randy.  Check out Randy’s profile here.