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Upton Hill offers unique and specialized data services that ensure the proposed governance, business intelligence or data solution meets your needs:

  • Expert Data Resources 
  • Tailored Data Solutions
  • Data Management, ETL and Development
  • Business Intelligence Enablement, Tuning and Delivery
  • Infrastructure & Data Solution upgrades, Auditing, Clean-up, ETL and much more


Upton Hill can successfully implement data solutions that meet your information and decision-making needs. We ensure your data is best suited to deliver clear and repeatable decision inputs. Upton Hill’s flexible delivery model allows us to tailor services specific to your business needs based on DAMA International’s Data Management Body of Knowledge and resultant best practices.


Data Governance

  • Data Program Management
  • Healthcare Data: Providers, Claims, Membership, Rx, Accumulators, etc.

Data Architecture Management

Data Development

  • Implementing Reporting and Visualization Dashboards
  • Health Databases

Database Operations Management

  • ETL Automations
  • Report Automations
  • Chain of Custody and Health Data Archival Compliance

Insights Implementation

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Engineering
  • Analytics/Decision Support/Visualization
  • Big Data
  • AI/ML

Reference & Master Data Management

  • Claims, Provider, Member & Rx Code Sets best practices

Data & Content Management 

Data Quality Management 

  • Program, Health Data & KPI Dashboards & Reports 
  • Opportunity Identification & Report Tuning

Database Security Management

  • Auditing Health Data Controls for at rest Databases
  • Confirming and Implementing HIPAA, HITECH & Healthcare Specific Controls

Data Warehousing & BI Management

  • Designing & Implementing Health Data Warehouses
  • ETL & Data Warehousing
  • ETL & Migration of Mainframe Data to On Premises/Cloud/3rd Party Data Warehouses
  • Implementing Program, Health Data & KPI Dashboards & Reports

Meta-Data Management

  • Claims, Provider, Member & Rx Code Sets best practices


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