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Upton Hill understands that strategy is only as good as its execution. In the complex world of health care, an experienced and trusted partner who helps build and execute strategy can make it possible to accomplish an organization’s most ambitious goals.


In the Advisory Solutions Service Line, our Principal Consultants focus on setting direction and continuous improvement efforts. As clients look to satisfy their critical business needs, we offer pre-implementation methods to assess, evaluate, model and roadmap to ensure the right investments are well supported and framed. Post-implementation, our consultants help to reassess, analyze, survey and improve process using data and constituent feedback for optimal productivity and profit. 

Each of our Principal Consultants has 15+ years of experience in healthcare and has served in various strategic leadership roles. These skilled professionals are also adept at building teams that can seamlessly dovetail into client and partner teams to execute the desired direction.


Upton Hill works collaboratively with our clients’ teams and their vendors to provide comprehensive strategic solutions. When necessary, we are able to leverage our extensive network of strategic partners to source needed areas of skills and expertise.


Business Strategy

Business Architecture

CBA/ROI Modeling

Program Assessment

Organizational Design

Clinical Transformation

Change Management

Experience Strategy

Quality and Population Health

RFP/RFI Creation

Transitional Leadership

Vendor Oversight


“Upton Hill has provided us with more value in three days with an Interim Behavioral Health Director than a new hire would in three months. Now we have the time to find the ‘right’ candidate.” 

– Local payer

“We would not be here without [Upton Hill Advisor]. She has great organizational skill, an ability to look beyond the immediate request to ‘what problem are we trying to solve’, and then takes the initiative to achieve that for us.”

– Local provider system

 “[Upton Hill Advisor] helped us to uncover an underutilized aspect of our vendor services, saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars this year.” 

– Large local payer

“Where oh where are the ‘angels’ that have repeatedly saved us from ourselves? The ones that believe in data to guide our work and to involve others in the solutioning. I’ve never seen anything like it… they will come. Just tell them that it’s a priority and they will come running. They always do…”

– Key stakeholder, local managed care organization


  • Business Technology Roadmapping
  • Enterprise Strategic Planning
  • Interim Director for Behavioral Health
  • Clinical Program Redesign
  • Gaps in Care Closure Pilot Programs
  • Member Plan Understanding 


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