Deborah Velazquez – Employee Recognition

Upton Hill’s Employee Spotlight – Deborah Velazquez

Deborah has been a consultant with Upton Hill for over a year, has offered to lived in Fargo, and is simply a rock star Project Manager that always impresses the client.   We asked Deborah to share a bit more about her self and perceptions on being a consultant.  Here is what she said:

What is your role at Upton Hill, and current placement:  Upton Hill and the client may describe my role differently, based on the day and initiative, but in general I am a Consultant / Project Manager at BCBSND.

What do you like best about consulting?

Consulting is not for the faint of heart and can be intense. You can expect to work long hours, and often will be under a fair amount of stress, but in the end, the payoff can be amazing! Many times, when coming in as a consultant, you are brought in to work with senior executives who are focused on the solving the toughest problems their organization is facing. The work you’re being tasked with can have a lot of impact not only to the organization, but the industry as well.

You consistently must be at the top of your game and be receptive to learning a lot. The beginning of a project can be very intense, as you learn about your client’s needs, and try to catch up to the situation your client is facing so you can be of help – it’s that speed and intensity that I love. As a consultant, meeting and working with so many smart, and motivated people, whom are passionate about healthcare, is an opportunity you’ll not get elsewhere.

Why is Upton Hill a good place to work?

Upton Hill is a good place to work because of its diversity in clients and assignments. I work with and learn from colleagues whom have an expansive range of knowledge and experience which Upton Hill then encourages that sharing of that knowledge amongst their staff. Upton Hill strongly encourages the continued education of their project managers and that appeals to me.

What part of healthcare gets you excited?

Healthcare is like an ocean – you can literally spend your entire career swimming in its waters and still barely touch the surface. There are so many facets to healthcare that the opportunities are limitless. Limitless possibilities? That’s exciting!

What are two hobbies you enjoy?

My two favorite hobbies I discovered only within the last few years. While living amongst the foothills of Colorado I discovered and fell in love with road cycling. Each year, as my schedule allows, I train and participate in 100 / 150-mile charity rides. I also enjoy playing the violin, a hobby I picked up much later in life than the average violinist, but I enjoy playing with others whom have also taken on the challenge of learning the violin as an adult.

If stranded on a desert island what one movie would you bring with?

I would pass on any movie in favor of reaching for any novel by Jane Austin, and if I managed to grab and hold onto her complete works… I would be a happy castaway, indeed!


About Upton Hill

Upton Hill is a healthcare consulting firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Established in December 2012   with a vision to make Healthcare Simplified. Upton Hill has grown to become a premiere healthcare solutions partner in the Twin Cities serving over 200 engagements, 35 clients, and has successfully placed 135 healthcare consultants since its inception. Upton Hill is 100% focused on healthcare and provides expert talent within delivery architecture across the healthcare value chain.   Managing Partner Drew Vaughn best describes the culture and approach to engagements best; “At Upton Hill, we solve for the challenges today, while planning the solutions for tomorrow”.

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