Jon Seebach – Employee Recognition

Upton Hill’s Employee Spotlight – Jon Seebach

Jon has been a consultant with Upton Hill for over a year, has done spectacular work at the client site and has helped Upton Hill grow with his many connections and thought leadership from his years of experience within health care in the metro area.  We asked Jon to share a bit more about himself and perceptions on being a consultant.  Here is what she said:

What is your role at Upton Hill, and current placement:
  • My role is senior consultant.
  • My current placement is a project manager at Children’s of MN.
What do you like best about consulting?

The ability to:

  • offer short term solutions
  • provide advance analysis to client management
  • work with both seasoned client business and technical resources
  • have project variety
  • be available to help market and grow consulting services to new clients and add staff for my consulting company
Why is Upton Hill a good place to work?
  • excellent leadership
  • fun and exciting opportunities
  • positive reputation with clients and consultants
  • team work
  • ability to work in Minnesota
  • ability to grow the business – add new clients and staffing
What part of health care gets you excited?
  • helping people in the community
  • opportunity to help health care companies provide the best health care possible
  • stimulating and rapid work environment
  • ability to work with new technologies
  • health care is a growing demand and there are always new consulting opportunities
What are two hobbies you enjoy?
  • landscaping and remodeling homes
  • travel
If stranded on a desert island what one movie would you bring with?
  • Castaway


About Upton Hill

Upton Hill is a healthcare consulting firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Established in December 2012   with a vision to make Healthcare Simplified. Upton Hill has grown to become a premiere healthcare solutions partner in the Twin Cities serving over 200 engagements, 35 clients, and has successfully placed 135 healthcare consultants since its inception. Upton Hill is 100% focused on healthcare and provides expert talent within delivery architecture across the healthcare value chain.   Managing Partner Drew Vaughn best describes the culture and approach to engagements best; “At Upton Hill, we solve for the challenges today, while planning the solutions for tomorrow”.

Upton Hill is always seeking new opportunities for program stewardship, project partnerships, business development, and adding dynamic professionals. To learn more about the organization, healthcare solutions, and team talent, go to Upton Hill can also be found on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.